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Our Mission

Our strategy is to meet or exceed the expectation of our clients by providing them with quality services and solutions. Hence, we have combined our technical knowledge with sophisticated sales and marketing approaches to convene that purpose.

Our Vision

Even with our vast international market, we hope to expand our family of suppliers in order to better serve the needs of our clients whilst also establishing strong associations with a wider range of quality suppliers.

Our Values

International presence, in order to expedite our business practices, we have business partners  in UK, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, India, China, Korea, UAE and US

Our Services

B.A SHIRAZ offers a broad range of services which helps better Iran's community and quality of life as we introduce new molecules, register new drugs with the ministry of health and source active pharmaceutical ingredients.


We also serve the food industry by providing special dietary components such as sweeteners, botanical extracts, fibers and dried foods. As for hygienic product manufactures and cosmetic companies, we also offer relevant products and know-how. In those areas, we represent world-class manufactures such as Lipoid, one of the largest producers of liposome in the world.    

We provide APIs for local formulators in order to technically support manufacturers through process of new drug registration. 

Our Products

In order to meet the market demand and to protect benefits of our suppliers, we have started to market and distribute finished products of some of our manufacturers. In this regard, we will assist them by providing in-depth market analysis, informing them about MOH policies and sharing our knowledge of current market demand. Our strategy will be focused on offering new molecules, breakthrough drugs that are not currently produced in Iran.


Our Partners

B.A Shiraz Co. Ltd

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